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Tanda Tanda Medulloblastoma

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The early “flu-like” signs of this tumor — lethargy, irritability and loss of appetite — are often so nonspecific that the disease first goes unnoticed. In infants, increased head size and irritability may be the first symptoms. Older children and adults may

experience headaches and vomiting upon awakening. Typically, the person feels better after vomiting and as the day goes on. As the pressure in the brain increases due to a growing tumor or blocked fluid passages, the headaches, vomiting and drowsiness may increase. Other symptoms depend on the nerves and brain structures affected by the tumor. Selanjutnya

Kasus dan Penyebab

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About 1,000 new patients — children and adults — are diagnosed in the US each year, more often in males than females. Medulloblastoma is relatively rare, accounting for less than 2% of all primary brain tumors (tumors that begin in the brain or its coverings) and 18% of all pediatric brain tumors. More than 70% of all pediatric medulloblastomas are diagnosed in children under age 10. Very few occur in infancy or under age 1. Typically a tumor of childhood, medulloblastoma in adults is not common, but does occur. About one-third of all medulloblastomas diagnosed in

the Selanjutnya

Jenis Medulloblastoma

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Types of medulloblastoma:

_ classic medulloblastoma

_ desmoplastic nodular medullobastoma

_ large-cell or anaplastic medulloblastoma

_ medulloblastoma with neuroblastic or neuronal differentiation

_ medulloblastoma with glial differentiation

_ medullomyoblastoma

_ melanotic medulloblastoma


To a neurosurgeon, this tumor looks like a pinkish gray mass with a thickened “sugar-coating.” But under the microscope, classic medulloblastoma tissue looks like sheets of densely packed, small round cells with large colorful centers called nuclei. While this classic pattern is found in the majority of both pediatric and adult tumors, four other notable tissue patterns include desmoplastic nodular medullobastoma, which contains scattered islands Selanjutnya

Apa Itu Medulloblastoma ?

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offers extensive brain tumor information, treatment and research updates, and patient/family storiesMedulloblastoma is a rapidly-growing tumor of the cerebellum — the lower, rear portion of the brain. Also called the “posterior fossa,” this area controls balance, posture, and complex motor functions such as speech and balance. Tumors located in the cerebellum are referred to as “infratentorial” tumors. That means the tumor is



located below the “tentorium,” a thick membrane that separates the larger, cerebral hemispheres of the brain from the cerebellum. In children, medulloblastoma arises most often near the vermis, the narrow worm-like bridge that connects the Selanjutnya